Chicken cutlets with vegetables

Chicken cutlets with vegetables

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1 hours

Cooking time

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Delicious chicken cutlets. Simple and quick and very tasty.

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  • Required ingredients::

  • Minced chicken
    200 g
  • Carrots
    500 g
  • Garlic
    2 slices
  • Eggs
    2 pcs.
  • Oatmeal
    4 spoons
  • Salts
  • Pepper
  • A pinch of grated lemon peel
  • A bunch of parsley
  • Lean cream 200g Margarine for baking
  • How to make
  • We mix the minced meat with coarsely grated carrots, grated garlic, flakes, add spices, beat in the eggs and mix well. The taste should be spicy.
  • We begin to mold the minced meat into round meatballs and fry them in margarine.
  • Chop the parsley and mix it with sour cream.
  • Sprinkle pepper while salting the sauce.
  • We serve these meatballs with sour cream sauce, garnished with a sprig of parsley.
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